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* Please note that the instructor lookup only works with existing faculty members. If you are entering eReserves for a faculty member prior to their official hire date you will need to fill in the form information without the lookup.

Please review the Grinnell College Reserves Policies and Procedures and the Grinnell College Copyright Policy.

Faculty: Please note that the Libraries work closely with Academic Support Assistants in completing faculty requests for course reserve. In general, the Support Assistants are responsible for copying and scanning course reserve materials and delivering those to the Library, while the Library is responsible for researching and managing copyright clearances, checking for online availability of requested texts, posting files in the electronic reserve system, and creating index entries. Faculty with electronic reserve requests should generally initiate those requests with their support assistants. Faculty who wish to place items on physical reserve may work with their support assistant or bring those items directly to the Burling Circulation/Reserve Desk. Faculty with electronic reserve requests should generally initiate those requests with their support assistants, who can fill out this form for you.

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