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* All expenses over $50 must be documented for reimbursement using original itemized receipts.
* If a personal car is used, reimbursement is $.565 per mile. If a college car is necessary,
   prior approval of funding is required, contact Facilities Management at ext. 3300.
   College cars are billed directly to the Dean's Office.
* The College also has an agreement with Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Click here
   for additional Enterprise rental information. Contact Marcia Baker (x3100)
   for account billing information prior to reserving an Enterprise rental car.
* Hotel costs will be reimbursed at published convention rates, allowing for scheduled
   meeting plus one travel night when necessary. Please share a room when possible.

Deadlines for funding for professional travel are:
* First professional meeting - November 1
* Additional professional meetings:
   September 15
   November 15
   February 15
   May 1

If your faculty travel schedule provides for open time and you're interested in meeting with local alumni to assist in order to advance the alumni-college relationship, please reach out to Angela Winburn ( or x9888) to discuss the situation. Decisions will be based on the strategic objectives we have for the community you will be traveling to, frequency with which the alumni have had College outreach, and annual budget. Angela is happy to talk each scenario through with you so please consider this if your time and inclination allow for this partnership.

Please complete the following information to request travel support. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) and in red are required.
First Name:     Last Name:

* Email Address:
(Full email address required. Please be sure not to add a space before or after entering your email as this will cause an error.)

* This is my first meeting/travel support request of the year. [NOTE: If this is NOT your first travel support request, please click HERE to be directed to a separate form.]

Total Requested Amount: $

1. Statement Of Plans

Meeting Title:
Total Number of Days (including travel):

What role will you play in this meeting?
    If other - please specify:

2. Breakdown of Estimated Expenses (membership dues are not covered)
Note: in the dollar amount fields, you MUST only enter a numeric value (i.e. for lodging, enter 1000, NOT "$250 for 4 nights"). Entering text in the dollar amount fields will cause the form to error.

Conference Registration:
Transportation Cost (airfare):

Transportation Cost (ground):

Taxi Fares:
Personal Mileage:
Parking Fees:
Other transportation expense(s): $
Description of other expense(s):    
Lodging: $
Meals ($55 per day limit): $



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