ITAP Project Request Form First Level Assessment

Use this form if: The project would cost more than $2,000 and/or the project would occupy more than (1) Day of IT department work.

NOTE: Labor estimate- ITS will designate the ITS resource person needed & the number of ITS hours needed.

Date of Request:

Contact Person within Requesting Unit or Department:

Contact Person's E-mail:
(Use your complete e-mail address [])

Project Requested/Needed by (Name of unit or department):

Name of Project:

Description of Project:

Does this project:

Provide new capabilities and functions?
Replace an existing system?
Allow for the replacement of other campus systems?

What are the consequences if your project request is not approved?

How will this project serve the mission/values of the College and please explain your idea of the mission/values of the College for the project?

Have you searched for commercial or existing software that may provide the functions that you are requesting?
Yes   No

If you have searched for commercial or existing software that may provide functions you are requesting, please explain:

Are you aware of external vendor(s), and if you have identified an external vendor, please explain who that would be and why you would suggest or recommend that vendor?

Estimated Project Cost--up front Capital Costs or Purchase Costs:

What recurring costs are expected as a result of project completion?

Are there funds in your budget to support the project?
Yes   No

Desired Start Date:

Desired Completion Date:

Have you developed a plan to assess the success of this project at some time in the future?
Yes   No

How would you do the assessment?

NOTE: Before hitting submit, please print this page off so that you have a hard copy to send in with the Vice-President signature.

Sponsor (Vice-President):
Date Signed: